Traditional Gravesites

Catholic Cemeteries offers a variety of options for in-ground burial.  A ‘single’ gravesite for upright memorialization can accommodate three (3) traditional burials, and while concrete or metal vaults/liners can be used, they are not required.  Other sites permitting a flat memorial require concrete liners, and can accommodate two (2) traditional burials.

The purchase of all sites include Endowed Care which provides for the future care of the site without the need for any future care charges.  Such care includes seeding, trimming and mowing of the gravesite.  [Monuments and plantings are the responsibility of plot holders.]

Please choose from one of our Cemetery locations to view their traditional Gravesite availability

St. John

St. Charles / Resurrection

100_0196-375x250 111-with-graves-375x250

Holy Cross

Mount St. Mary

 HC-Mary-Shrine-375x250  Mount_St_Mary-375x250-enchanced