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The time of death is traumatic, an occasion of considerable emotional and financial strain. In these circumstances, it is extremely difficult to make prudent decisions. Pre-arrangement allows families to decide their cemetery needs thoughtfully, and without pressure. Take the opportunity NOW to spare your family the added burden of making last minute burial arrangements at a time when they will be least prepared.

Our Catholic faith helps us to understand that death is a passage to a new life. Through death we go to God to begin a whole new life that has no end. We are confident in God’s love for us and in the promise of eternal life.

When Jesus knew He was to leave this world, He was careful to instruct His followers as to how to remember Him. And so can you.

It might seem awkward to think about death and the importance of pre-planning your cemetery and funeral needs today. However, the strongest reason to do so is… LOVE. Knowing you have helped make a difficult time easier gives you true peace of mind.

What you do now will free your family and friends to grieve, to remember, and support each other… to go on with life. Let your love, compassion and sensitivity guide you to call and begin discussions about pre-planning.


A Tradition Of Faith Throughout Our Lives

Because You Care . . . . .

Planning Ahead Is The Sensible Choice. . . . .

  • There has never been a better time than NOW to prepare for your future needs. When you think about it, you’ve always given yourself the appropriate time to prepare for all the important  things you do in life.
  • Why delay the “peace of mind you will attain by preparing for your final resting-place?
  • Just as the occasion of death will be inevitable, so too will be the need to purchase a burial space. As Catholics, the cemetery we choose should reflect the fact that we are a people of our faith.
  • Our Cemetery offers the opportunity to make burial arrangements BEFORE the need arises.
  • When death occurs, it is a traumatic time which carries with it considerable emotional and financial strain. It is a difficult time to make proper decisions.
  • Through PRE-ARRANGMENT, people can decide on their needs thoughtfully and without pressure.


Why should you consider purchasing NOW? The reasons are simple:

  1. Selection – Give yourself the opportunity of reviewing the many options offered at the Cemeteries, at this time, all family members may join in the decision of the type of burial space to select and the amount they can afford.
  2. Installment options After a down payment is applied, a pre-need purchase allows you to pay over an extended period of time with no interest or finance charges. Installment payment arrangements allow you to select a schedule to suit your current budget.
  3. Terms and conditions – In arranging an appointment to discuss the selection of sites offered, your sales counselor can thoroughly answer any questions you may have. Our counselors can also explain any other cemetery costs associated with burial.
  4. Avoid the inevitable higher purchase price in the future – The increase of costs for both labor and materials will always escalate the purchase price, By selecting a site NOW, you can carefully choose without overspending and can “lock in” the current cost.
  5. How many graves / crypts are necessary? – You may decide to discuss, as many people do, the idea of purchasing adjacent sites, to provide for space in the same locale for all members of the family.
  6. The most desired locations are selected first – You may wish to contact our office to be advised of what options are available at each cemetery. It is suggested you arrange an appointment as soon as possible.
  7. Is it important to you where you are buried It should be, and understanding that death unfortunately comes to us all, it may be a very serious concern of someone you love. Don’t let that person have to decide in haste without your help.
  8. All sites purchased include “endowed care” Included in the purchase price, the Cemetery assumes responsibility for the general maintenance of the gravesite. You are not subject to an annual care maintenance fees.


There is a wide array of choices at our Cemeteries:

  • Traditional in-ground burial
  • Community mausoleum space
  • Individual cremation gravesites
  • Cremation niches (in our mausoleums)
  • Cremation niches (in our outdoor garden columbaria)


The idea of PRE-PLANNING is something to be considered NOW.

The Church has always asked that a special place be set aside for our faithful departed. Catholic Cemeteries provides this special setting of reverence.

The well-landscaped surroundings do pay tribute to those who have been laid to rest and provide a sense of solitude to family and friends, You owe it to yourself to select your choice of space before the time of need.

How fortunate it would be for those you leave behind, to have made burial arrangements in advance. Through this type of planning, you give those close to you a sincere expression of your thoughtfulness and love.