Options for the Cremated Body

Perhaps you or a loved one have chosen Cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. If so, your choice can be a sensitive, pastoral alternative if it is done with reverence and dignity.

As with any loss, your loved one should be treated with the same care and respect as with traditional arrangements. This includes a dignified final resting place befitting your loved one, and a place to memorialize their life forever.

Catholic Cemeteries can guide you with this choice. We offer marble, granite, and glass-enclosed niches in both indoor as well as outdoor garden settings. In addition, we offer traditional in-ground burial of the cremated body. The Church believes that the cremated body must be treated with the same dignity and respect that the physical body receives. We encourage you to contact or visit us to find out about the many affordable options available. All sites include permanent, professional Care.

Please choose a cemetery to see the options available at that location.

St. John

St. Charles / Resurrection


Holy Cross

Mount St. Mary

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