Mary Gate Of Heaven Mausoleum




Devoted to our Blessed Mother, Mary Gate Of Heaven Mausoleum offers both indoor and outdoor crypt sites.

The mausoleum compliments in design both the adjacent office and the existing mausoleum,  Mary Mother of God. Mary Gate Of Heaven Mausoleum was built to answer the many additional requests for above – ground entombment, This mausoleum provides both indoor and outdoor crypt sites, as well as niche space for those who have chosen cremation as an alternative to the Church’s preference of traditional interment / entombment. Crypt sites and niche sites are available for both immediate need and pre-need. Installment terms with no finance charges are available for all pre-need purchases. The Mausoleum consists of 800 crypts, providing for over 1300 entombment spaces, with the option for single, double, triple and family units. Cremation niche sites may be purchased for one, two or in multiple units. Option include custom designed glass front niches for families wishing to visibly display the enduring beauty of the urn of their loved one. Religious significance and stained-glass windows enhance the sacred and solemn surroundings of the mausoleum for prayer and mediation.

There is a choice of selection to accommodate each individual family’s desires and financial arrangements. Contact a Family Services Counselor today at 718-353-1560 or click here to send us an e-mail, and be sure to arrange an appointment to discuss the various options to pre-plan your cemetery needs. We urge you to secure peace of mind for yourself and family by making your arrangements before the need arises.